I have always wanted a farm and a little shop of my own. I wish my daily life to intertwine with nature and the changing seasons. I need to grow things and craft things, and I remain ever curious. This blog is just the begining- I hope!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things that make Fern Meadow home

When I became really serious about searching for the place that would be our home and become all we dreamed of creating, I made an extensive list of things that it would have. One of them was a fireplace in the parlor. I can't help it, the basis for my style will always start with the classics. Nothing compares to a crackling fire on a cool fall day, or a mantle to decorate for Christmas. When we toured our place this was the last room we saw and this fireplace clinched the deal. Through the months of inspections and negotiations I would picture myself sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cider and it got me through. Here she is done up simply for summer.

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