I have always wanted a farm and a little shop of my own. I wish my daily life to intertwine with nature and the changing seasons. I need to grow things and craft things, and I remain ever curious. This blog is just the begining- I hope!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Technical Problems & A name change!

     Well, I am having trouble getting my photos on the computer due to my printer not behaving so the other intros will have to wait. In the meantime I would like to reintroduce my farm. Now officially Firefly Farm. I was chewing over several names when I started this blog, but today this just stuck out. The simplicity appeals to me . There is also a personal connection to this place. Today is the one year anniversary of this little bit of land becoming mine, and the fireflies have been in full swing! So this is it, home forever-Firefly Farm...
     I feel that even without photos yet I should give a bit of a roll call just to make the progress of this place in one year's time a bit more real. First is Silver cat,the only critter to arrive with us from the old place. Next Frankie, Bonnie, and Charity ,who is now Chaucer due to a mix up by her, I mean His previous owner. They are Rex rabbits I received as a gift. The boys will be my breeding bucks. Then my chicks arrived ! The flock now consists of 12 hens and three roosters, Le Stat, Louie, and Armond. Next I purchased a California New Zealand cross doe. Fern will be my breed doe, and I hope she gives me kits in September. Giacomo was next to arrive. He is a  white weathered Romney ram lamb. He was not in my original plans. I wanted fiber animals and was going to start with goats, but the opportunity came up for him instead. He has worked out so well that I am now quite certain that I will remain a shepherdess for a long time. I am currently desperately trying to bring home two little sisters for him. No luck so far. Last to arrive is McQueen. He is just a little old Dutch rabbit, here to retire like Bonnie. They are helping to provide much needed material to build my future soil fertility.
     So , that is everyone. I, with the help of the very tolerant man in my life,  have worked each of these souls into the routine of my life. We have designed and built the housing and care facilities that will help to keep them safe and the wheels of this place turning. This has been a giant leaping start, and it feels great to be off at a run!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introduction Photos

My Banties upon arrival, back on a very icy day in March.

Frankie Figs , my full size Rex buck.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wow, it has been way too long!

So, spring has come, and almost gone. It has been unbelievably busy. I am making a commitment to my self to post at least 3 times a week starting now.
     Yesterday was an important milestone in my farming life. I butchered my first chicken! It was not as bad as I thought, and my fascination and curiosity kept me from getting yucked out. Everything went very smoothly,and I cant wait to cook him up. After many months of caring for several animals, building facilities and preparing planting beds, I feel like this makes me a farmer for real.
     I have spent the last few months brooding chicks, bottle feeding a lamb, and planting perennials. I have completed several furniture makeovers, rearranged my parlor and boudoir, and finally bit into my kitchen reno. The "barn" has been coming along, as well as outside painting projects. Today I started refinishing an old buffet for my dining room, so far I hate it, we'll see. Mrs. N. signing off-  
P. S. Stay tuned for lots of pics!!!