I have always wanted a farm and a little shop of my own. I wish my daily life to intertwine with nature and the changing seasons. I need to grow things and craft things, and I remain ever curious. This blog is just the begining- I hope!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wow, it has been way too long!

So, spring has come, and almost gone. It has been unbelievably busy. I am making a commitment to my self to post at least 3 times a week starting now.
     Yesterday was an important milestone in my farming life. I butchered my first chicken! It was not as bad as I thought, and my fascination and curiosity kept me from getting yucked out. Everything went very smoothly,and I cant wait to cook him up. After many months of caring for several animals, building facilities and preparing planting beds, I feel like this makes me a farmer for real.
     I have spent the last few months brooding chicks, bottle feeding a lamb, and planting perennials. I have completed several furniture makeovers, rearranged my parlor and boudoir, and finally bit into my kitchen reno. The "barn" has been coming along, as well as outside painting projects. Today I started refinishing an old buffet for my dining room, so far I hate it, we'll see. Mrs. N. signing off-  
P. S. Stay tuned for lots of pics!!!

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  1. Good for you and your first slaughter! That is a big thing. Thanks for finding me and also for the tip on the Freedom Ranger. Yippie--that sounds like the bird for me!